Candy Candy. Por Keiko Nagita

Rennet-The golden Apple by Keiko Nagita

Impresionante lo que inspiró a Nagita en escribir esta preciosa novela Rennet- La manzana dorada.
Un suceso se podría decir de la vida real.
Me emociona y conmueve leer la nobleza de Nagita.

Nagita dio una entrevista publicada en Fairy village Japanese blog.


In the story, I drew the exposed Belarusian boy and a Japanese girl. The boy spends a summer at a girl’s house in Yoichi, Hokkaido, which he visited for recreation. A girl who did not accept the boy obediently, but as an adult, she looks back on her summer days.

The year after the Chernobyl accident, I traveled to London, England with my daughter, who was 3 years old at the time. Before I went, I was advised by an acquaintance that “contamination of radioactive materials is spreading all over Europe. Neither milk nor ice cream is safe and was not good to take children.
“While the Belarusians, who had suffered a lot of damage, thought that it would be difficult, in London, their own behaviors that took care of food were selfish and made me want to back them up”

After that, I was wondering what the people in Belarus were doing, and I saw a documentary TV program about 15 years ago.
They introduced the activities of an organization that attracted Belarusian children to Japan and provided them with recreation. The appearance of a Belarusian boy with a pale complexion and weak, also Japanese cheerful girl playing was reflected, and I strongly thought, “I want to write my first love on the theme of the Chernobyl accident.”

Even though I didn’t write a single line at that moment, I had a story about the death of a boy. I couldn’t write it. But I was able to interview a person who is doing a recreational activity in Hokkaido 6 years ago. This person told me that “nearly 500 children have recovered in Japan, but none have died,”
Since then, the story has changed completely. As soon as I decided that the boy wouldn’t die, I was happy.
I’ve been warming it up for several years, but I wrote it in less than two weeks. As I wrote, sometimes I cried so hard that I couldn’t breathe.

“The act of good and faith may be for you” is another theme of the story. The girl’s older brother in the story died in the same age as the boy. Parents love their boys, they’re their sons.
Even if you are healed (healthy) I think it is wonderful to serve others.

When the first edition was published in 2006, I wrote in the postscript the Chernobyl accident as “what can happen to us” A nuclear accident occurred in Japan. Fukushima children are exposed to absurdities.
I think it’s the role of books, to think and encourage children by replacing them with themselves.


Japanese version file.

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